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Analysis for UK General Election 2017

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New research puts cost of Scottish Independence at £2000...

June 6, 2017 Comments (0) Views: 3745 Featured, Press Releases

The tactical way to vote against IndyRef 2

Scottish Research Society Press Release

Voters that want Scotland to stay part of the UK are being invited to vote tactically on Thursday, by a think-tank that has produced a list of pro-union candidates most likely to beat the SNP in each constituency.

The Scottish Research Society, (SRS) a political research organisation, were commissioned to undertake an independent study identifying which pro-union candidate has most chance of winning an individual seat, regardless of their political affiliation.

As a non party-aligned, pro-union organisation, the SRS report shows that the SNP are only 5% ahead of their nearest rival, (Conservatives) in Aberdeen South, Dunbartonshire East could be won by the Liberal Democrats, who are only 10 points short, and Labour could beat Sturgeon’s party in Edinburgh South with just a 1% increase in their vote.

Chairman of the SRS, Cameron Buchanan said: “Many voters are prioritising staying part of the UK ahead of other political arguments in this election, and our study will help them.

“Just as the debate over the EU referendum crossed the traditional party lines, we are seeing an increasing number of people prepared to back the pro-union candidate most likely to win in their area, regardless of the political party they belong to.

“We have produced this work to help them do just that.”

The study (that can be viewed below) looked at every Scottish constituency and identified 20 seats it regards as close enough for a pro-union candidate to be won if just a small amount of the electorate voted tactically, to back the SRS recommendation.


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