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SRS White Paper: “Saving Scotland from Financial Meltdown”

June 6, 2017 Comments (0) Views: 1078 Featured, News, Press Releases


Scottish Research Society Press Release

The Scottish Research Society is pleased to announce a re-launch of the organisation, owing to overwhelming demand for information from all sections of the Scottish public – encompassing corporate, social, financial, political and rural branches.

We have published a second ‘white paper’ written by Economist Ewen Stewart from Walbrook Economics, entitled “Saving Scotland from Financial Meltdown”, to follow his acclaimed 2014 document “Much Cost – Little Benefit” and we have produced a voting study of the 59 constituencies in Scotland, to highlight likely Unionist gains in the General Election on June 8th.

As a pro-Union, non-aligned entity, The Scottish Research Society will continue to identify, research and publish material that gets to the core of current key issues affecting all in Scotland.

The Scottish Research Society will also aim to promote discussion through focus groups and seminars, and will inaugurate a membership structure.

The General Election on June 8th will establish a new political order that we will monitor and challenge through our Social Media, Press and Broadcast connections, beyond 2017.

The Scottish Research Society has firm roots in supporting and sustaining Scotland as part of the United Kingdom and welcomes all who subscribe to the same opinion.


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