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Scotland, a sitting duck for terrorists

Scotland would be a ‘sitting duck’ for Islamic terrorists if it became independent, according to a new research society set up to look at issues around the in / out referendum.

The warning comes as  the UK Parliament, were told on Wednesday, that the Iraqi extremist group ISIS now poses the biggest threat to the union’s security.

Speaking about the risk posed by British muslims going to Iraq to fight for the insurgents, MPs w ere told: “The estimates are now that this is a greater threat to the UK than the return of foreign jihadis or fighters from Afghanistan or Pakistan region, and we need to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep our country safe.”

He went on to say that left unchecked, ISIS would turn its fire on the UK.

In their first comments since formation, the Scottish Research Society, (SRS) an organisation opposed to Scottish independence, issued a statement claiming Scotland would be left particularly vulnerable to terrorist attack if it left the union., or if they insisted on the removal of Trident missiles from Faslane. This, of course, would prevent Scottish membership of NATO.

A spokesman for the SRS said: “It stands to reason that any Western hating obsessives will try to hit the easiest target, where they can gain maximum impact.

“If Scotland leaves the Union, that easiest target will undoubtedly be us.

“We will be physically the least able to protect ourselves and have the least effective military intelligence.

Current estimates are that over 400 Britons have travelled to Syria to fight for ISIS, and although estimates are not yet available for the number going to Iraq the terrorist organisation has been seen recruiting insurgents from the UK via social media.

The spokesman for SRS added: “This is a very complex geo-political mess, and although it is not of Scotland’s making, we are not in anyway immune from its consequences.

An independent Scotland will have to build its international friends from scratch, and whilst we don’t know for sure to what extent other countries will rush to our aid, we are very vulnerable, we are a classic ‘sitting duck’.”

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