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July 17, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 1305 Plan B

Op Ed: We can’t afford to ignore the ‘missing million’ voters

With only two months to go until the referendum vote on September 18th, an estimated one in five Scottish voters is still undecided. And although a higher voter turnout than normal is expected, 50% of eligible Scots usually don’t bother to go to the polls. This marginalised group has been dubbed the ‘missing million’. It is the undecided, unregistered and unbothered that both sides of the Independence campaign need to address in the final stretch. Voter apathy is nothing new, but as the stakes are higher in this vote, campaigners need to unlearn their previous strategies of addressing the needs of voters; here they need to identify the non-voters and actually get them out in the first place. This requires more grassroots people on the ground making sure people are registered. And it’s the feedback from these grassroots helpers on what would sway the undecideds that is vital. Money, jobs and pensions are proving to be key areas of concern and both sides need to drop the BS and make concrete plans based accurate information and statistics, rather than fear-mongering and a Utopian wish list. For the future of Scotland, everyone should want a fair and accurate result – if we ignore the ‘missing million’ we won’t get that.

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