Newspaper Round Up 15 th July

June 19, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 1714 Round Up

Newspaper round up 19th June

Latest YouGov / The Sun results 18th June – Con 34%, Lab 38%, LD 7%, UKIP 13%

Cameron Wants ‘Global Push’ To Fight Dementia  (also in Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Daily Mail) Read More

Brit ISIS Militants ‘To Be Used To Target UK’ Read More

Allister Heath: Britain’s economy needs lower and flatter taxes to flourish Read More

Farage secures EU bloc funding Read More

Graeme Leach: Free economies will crumble if we fail to make the moral case for capitalism Read More 

Ed Miliband’s welfare plan: five years in work could mean extra benefits Read More   

Cable: Don’t raise interest rates (also in Daily Mail) Read More   

Jihadists will attack in Britain, says Cameron (also in The Times) Read More  

MP admits ‘degrading’ vulnerable woman (also in Daily Express, Daily Mail) Read More   

Embrace Thatcher spirit, urges Osborne Read More 

Peter Oborne: There’s a whiff of sleaze coming from Mr Hague’s Foreign Office Read More 

Charles Powell: The West will pay for losing its backbone Read More  

David Cameron to ‘fight to the very end’ to block arch-federalist’s bid for top EU job Read More 

Sir Peter Tapsell MP, Blair ‘must be tried for misleading Parliament’ Read More  

Bank hints again at rates rise Read More 

Leo McKinstry: Our political class is utterly out of touch with voters Read More 

George Osborne says “We’re following Thatcher’s way”

Genocide warlord claims his right to a family life. Mass killer serving 50 years in UK jail takes Britain to court Read More  

NHS ‘is facing a £2bn gap in its funding’ Read More

Osborne: How Maggie would have tackled UKIP Read More 

Entrepreneurship may be a French word but it is the British who put it into practice, says top French car boss Read More  

Nick Boyle, NHS Consultant Surgeon: Death by bureaucracy: As we learn the NHS is bankrupt, read this excoriating attack on its managers by a senior consultant Read More 

Stephen Glover: We will rue the day our naive leaders recklessly gave control of the economy to a ruthless Chinese regime Read More 

– Ministers’ fury over claim that poverty has doubled Read More 

Miliband is not up to top job, say voters Read More  

Grammars ‘must admit thousands more poor pupils’ Read More  

EU exit would not harm trade with us, says China Read More 

– Jenni Russell: British values are fine. Let’s try living by them Read More  

Tim Montgomerie: Maggie’s disciples don’t really understand her. It’s not about ‘liberty’, as we’re told. The Iron Lady oppose some free markets and understood the power of the state Read More 

Labour to cut benefits for young jobless Read More  

State internet snoopers ‘exploit legal loopholes’ Read More  

Farage under fire over far-right Euro allies Read More 

Editorial: The Miliband problem. With personal poll rating at their lowest ebb, the time has come for labour’s leader to take a more pro-business tone Read More 

Labour’s ‘progressive but not punitive’ plans to remove some benefits for Neets Read More 

Poverty doubles in 30 years as work fails to cover costs Read More  

Cameron loses Juncker battle but sets sights on other key EU posts Read More  

Archie Bland: Iron Lady’s worshippers laud the past and lament the present Read More  

Brian Monteith: Why the Unionist parties have united behind greater devolution Read More

Daily Events

House of Commons

– Backbench Business (i) The United Kingdom’s relationship with Africa (ii) Defence spending

– Political and Constitutional Reform Committee. Voter engagement in the UK – Sue Inglish, Head of Political Programmes, Analysis and Research, BBC and Ric Bailey, Chief Adviser, Politics, BBC; Damian Lyons Lowe, Chief Executive, Survation, Patrick Brione, Director of Research, Survation and Fran O’Leary, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Lodestone

House of Lords

– Oral Question. Late payment of debt for small and medium-sized enterprises

– Oral Question. Assurances from the privatised Royal Mail that they would maintain the universal postal service

– Oral Question. Enabling the allocation of €590.4 million of EU structural funds between 2014 and 2020 to Cornwall

– Debate. Labour Peers Working Group Report on the future of the House of Lords and its place in a wider constitution

– Debate. The threat from the spread of militant aggressive jihadism in the Middle East

– Orders and Regulations. Terrorism Act 2000 (Proscribed Organisations) (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 2014


– LIVERPOOL: Royal College of Nursing Congress. Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool.

– BRIGHTON: Unison annual conference. Brighton Centre.

– MERSEYSIDE: Nick Clegg and Vince Cable attend Manufacturing Summit to announce latest round of applications for Regional Growth Fund

– LONDON: David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt speeches at Global Dementia Legacy Event. Event opens at 0830, when Jeremy Hunt will speak. Mr Cameron’s speech expected at 1500.

Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) releases its gross mortgage lending figures for May.

LONDON: Ed Miliband speech at IPPR Condition of Britain book launch.

– LONDON: Nato Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen speech. 

– CARDIFF: Speech by shadow Scottish secretary on the referendum. Margaret Curran will address the potential impact the independence referendum could have on Wales and Labour’s plans for the future of Scotland. Ms Curran will be joined by shadow Welsh secretary Own Smith. 


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