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June 6, 2017 Comments (0) Views: 1245 News, Round Up

Media Round Up 6th June 2017

The Scottish Research Society’s tactical voting study and new White Paper have been extensively reported in the mainstream and new media since our relaunch.

“Soaring Cost of split for Scots” – Daily Mail

Scottish Research Society reported in the Daily Mail 6th June

Scottish Research Society reported in the Daily Mail 6th June 2017, pp24


“Think Tank lists pro-union candidates most likely to beat SNP in marginals” – Herald Scotland

A think tank has produced a list of pro-union candidates it claims are most likely to beat the SNP in close seats across Scotland.

The Scottish Research Society (SRS), a political research organisation which campaigned against Scottish independence after being set up in 2014, commissioned an independent study to discover which pro-union candidate has the highest chance of winning in a given seat in Thursday’s General Election.

The report identified 20 seats believed to be close enough for the SNP to be beaten if a small number of the electorate vote tactically in favour of the specified candidate…




… The SNP has been in power in Holyrood since 2007. Over that period its politicians have fixated on one thing – independence – while the economy underperforms and education sinks. Despite losing its ‘once in a generation’ referendum the SNP has, however, refused to accept the result. The case for independence was very weak in 2014. To separate now would literally be catastrophic for since 2014 Scotland’s economic position has weakened in three key areas, undermining further the case for leaving the UK…



“Latest Research Puts Cost Of Scottish Independence At £2000 Per Person Per Year” – Sutherland Business Index

New research conducted on behalf of the Scottish Research Society (SRS) by Walbrook Economics concludes that the cost of Scottish independence has risen from a minimum of £850 for the average Scot in 2014 to at least £2000 in 2017…


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