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Ewen Stewart Interviewed by Scottish Research Society

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Ewen Stewart interview, Scotland’s Currency

August 28, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 536 Video

Ewen Stewart, SRS White Paper Overview

The bombshell white paper released by the Scottish Research Society, Much cost, little benefit: The economic consequences of Scottish separation, proves through careful economic analysis that independence could cost every Scottish household £3,500-£5,500 annually, plus another £500-£1,000 annually for every £100,000 borrowed on a mortgage.

Written by experienced economist Ewen Stewart of Walbrook Economics, he has combed through the Scottish Government’s own white paper, Scotland’s Future, along with other public records, and has concluded that Alex Salmond’s wishlist is at best, simply unaffordable, and at worst, could bankrupt Scotland.

You can download a summary of Ewen Stewart’s white paper, Much cost, little benefit, here  and a full-verson of it here

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