EU President says ‘Non’ to Scotland joining

To all University students

July 18, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 1387 News

Divided we fall

As the independence campaign enters the home stretch and both sides crank up the rhetoric, one thing is clear – the bubbling cauldron of vitriol and anger by the entrenched sides is reaching breaking point. No one wins by becoming so blinded by their views that they ignore the long-term fallout by the bitterness. The mud-slinging and the insults are turning this campaign into one of the most hotly contested in decades. But politicians need to turn their blinkers off, man up and behave like adults, not like primary school children having a playground rumble. They should be embarrassed that they’ve stooped to such a gutter level. Passion for a cause does not mean you have to take potshots at your rivals. What people are forgetting is that no matter the outcome on September 18th, you will still need to work and live alongside each other. Scotland will need to forge forward either way. Causing a chasm so deep it cannot be repaired when the victor emerges leaves no one a winner.

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