Daily Media Round Up August 17th

Daily Media Round Up August 19th

August 18, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 1009 Round Up

Daily Media Round Up August 18th

Scotland will vote No – History shows that support for change always drops right before vote -Read More
Learning the lessons from Quebec -Read More
Salmond refuses to reveal Plan B as that would be settling -Read More
Alex Salmond to clarify his currency stance -Read More
Scottish broker moving assets into England -Read More
Referendum push into the final month -Read More
How Scottish independence could affect homeowners in the Highlands -Read More
Scottish families divided by referendum -Read More
An independent Scotland could become a republic -Read More
The Guardian: How would Scottish independence affect university research -Read More
Team Scotland could be left out of Rio 2016 -Read More
Why France doesn’t want a Yes vote -Read More
Independence would damage Scotland’s edge in biomedicine -Read More

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