Daily Media Round-Up Sept 8th

Daily Media Round Up Sept 10th‏ #indyref

September 9, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 1396 Round Up

Daily Media Round Up Sept 9th‏

Be very afraid: Nobel economist warns of huge economic risks of independence -Read More
Every vote is vital to save the Union -Read More
How Quebec’s final surge shocked a No campaign into action and won –Read More
Jeremy Warner: The big deceit at the heart of Salmond’s campaign -Read More
What bright spark thought bullying and patronising Scots was way to win votes? -Read More
We’ll bring home rule to Scotland: Brown pledges rapid action for new powers under No vote -Read More
New poll shows rival indy camps neck-and-neck -Read More
Giant global investors awaken to break-up dangers -Read More
Yes vote in Scotland would be like dropping a bomb -Read More
Timetable for new Holyrood powers under No vote -Read More
Pound continues to slide over fears of exit -Read More
VIDEO: Alistair Heath – Three reasons why independence would be an economic disaster -Read More 
Billions of pounds wiped off overnight of Scottish-linked firms in independence fears -Read More
JK Rowling presses case against independence -Read More
Referendum still on course to reject independence to be followed by greater devolution -Read More


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