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Daily Media Round-Up Sept 7th

September 6, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 1029 Round Up

Daily Media Round-Up Sept 6th

Scotland would be less protected after independence -Read More
Construction boss attacks independence -Read More
Now’s the time to stand up and be counted -Read More
SNP’s plans for a welfare state would cost an extra £750million per year -Read More
The savage intimidation transforming Scotland -Read More
Scotland will be more at risk of a terrorist attack if it votes for independence -Read More
Cancer research ‘shut down’ if Scotland votes for independence -Read More
SNP accused of hypocrisy as it’s revealed only two of their MPs showed for crucial bedroom tax vote -Read More
Brown to lead discussions for more devolved powers after No vote -Read More
Where do Christians stand in the Scottish independence debate? -Read More
If Britain loses Scotland it will feel like an amputation -Read More
Lessons from Quebec’s 1995 referendum -Read More
Labour targets SNP’s record on social justice -Read More
Pound hits seven-month low over independence fears -Read More
How No vote could change the UK -Read More


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