Daily Media Round Up Sept 16th

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Media Round Up 6th June 2017

September 17, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 2145 Round Up

Daily Media Round Up Sept 17th

Scottish NHS would face ‘£450m black hole’ under independence -Read More
Salmond’s sums are implausible says one of world’s tip economists, Alan Greenspan -Read More
Salmond accused of more EU lies by Spain, France and Belgium -Read More
Female voters could save the union -Read More
The Seriously Nasty Party -Read More
Triple blow for Salmond on finance, the EU and the NHS -Read More
Fears of mob violence as pubs open all night for vote count -Read More
Why Yes means less -Read More
Inspire the world with a vote for unity says Bill Clinton -Read More
Independent Scotland could become the next Greece -Read More
Scots still do not know the real cost of their independence -Read More
Independence would spark major uncertainty in the energy sector -Read More
700,000 to flee south if Scotland votes Yes -Read More
Alex Salmond personally pressurised St Andrews University over independence concerns -Read More
The bullying and intimidation is worse than anything I saw in Ulster says Tom Bradby -Read More
Yes vote would mean financial ruin and plunge Scotland in unprecedented austerity -Read More
Campaign tactics that discredit the Yes camp -Read More
The farce of SNP’s military plans leave Scotland vulnerable -Read More
NHS leak fuels campaign clashes -Read More
Alex Brummer: Independent Scots will have to pay more for their porridge, milk and eggs -Read More
Intimidation smears mar final days of the campaign -Read More
Foreign banks wary of investing in Scotland now -Read More
As a Scot, I despair of the Nats nasty streak writes Chris Deerin -Read More
Nationalists accused of ‘patronising’ older voters after producing guide teaching teenagers how to try and persuade their grandparents to support independence -Read More
What if the result is a dead heat? -Read More
Betfair starts to pay out on No bets -Read More
Answers to seven less obvious independence questions -Read More
The NHS Barnett formula explained -Read More
Don’t be afraid to go out and vote for the Union -Read More

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