Daily Media Round-Up Sept 12th

Daily Media Round Up Sept 14th

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Daily Media Round Up Sept 13th

SNP warns of ‘day of reckoning’ for business who speak out against independence -Read More
Tirade of hate that shames Salmond’s camp -Read More
Danny Alexander: I am as patriotic a Scot as any nationalist -Read More
Gordon Brown: Silent majority will swing vote for No camp -Read More 
SNP revenge threat to nationalise BP and opponents -Read More
An independent Scotland would struggle to monitor intelligence and maintain security -Read More
A Scottish divorce would be messy -Read More
How the SNP once kicked out Salmond -Read More
Investors pull £17billion out of UK after independence fears -Read More
Don’t allow loathing of the Tories to break up the Union -Read More
New Scots vote crucial to the result -Read More
Why a Yes vote wouldn’t really give Scots independence -Read More
Yes campaigners accused of dirty tricks -Read More
Phone companies warn of rising bills under independence -Read More
Pound regains lost ground as latest polls put No vote back in lead -Read More
How could independence affect your mortage? -Read More
Scottish nationalists show their true bullying colours -Read More
Seven in 10 English want Scotland to stay -Read More
Tour firm warns of dearer holidays -Read More
Could Scotland change the mortgage market? -Read More
Rugby legends voting No -Read More

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