Daily Media Round-Up Sept 11th

Daily Media Round Up Sept 13th

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Daily Media Round-Up Sept 12th

North Korea publicly backing Scottish independence, keen on deals -Read More 
Support for independence sliding -Read More
Governor Mark Carney: Currency union is not compatible with independence -Read More
When will we know the results of the referendum? -Read More
CBI comes out blazing against Yes vote -Read More
No vote regains lead in new poll -Read More
The battle to win the youth vote -Read More
Scottish soldiers based in England barred from voting -Read More
Five lenders issues warnings against Yes vote -Read More
Airport jumps the gun, offers exchange rate on Scottish pound -Read More
Independence: Sporting implications q&a -Read More
97% register to vote – highest ever –Read More
Independence campaign is being stirred up by anti-English venom -Read More
Rory Bremner: I’m a passionate Scot, but I want to keep the Union -Read More
Yes vote will hit commercial property market -Read More
Tom Devine: Could the Catholic vote swing the referendum? -Read More
Glasgow pulls no punches in welcoming the ‘Save the Union’ express -Read More
Scotland’s NHS is not better off under independence, says IFS -Read More
Yes vote could strip FAs of power -Read More
Euro 2020 bids to be reassessed if Scots vote for independence -Read More
The impact of the vote on horticulture -Read More
Patient proxy voting -Read More
Referendum conspiracy theories -Read More

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