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Daily Media Round-Up Sept 12th

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Daily Media Round-Up Sept 11th

Salmond’s oil myths exposed by legion of experts -Read More
Black Wednesday for Salmond as polls show No camp firmly back in lead -Read More
How an independent Scotland could lose thousands of public sector jobs to England in event of Yes vote -Read More
Scotsman supports No camp, throws down gauntlet to Herald -Read More
Now even Royal Bank of Scotland says it would quite Scotland under Yes vote -Read More
No campaign retakes the lead -Read More
Serving Scottish soldiers not allowed to vote -Read More
Shell and BP come out against independence -Read More
Scotland can expect one heck of a hangover after the vote on the 18th  -Read More
Scots wouldn’t get true independence from a Yes vote -Read More
Higher prices in Scotland after independence -Read More
Your investment questions answered -Read More
Harmony at the Proms would be of benefit to all -Read More
Salmond’s stance will drag Scotland down -Read More
People are finally waking up to the repercussions of a Yes vote -Read More
No camp strikes back -Read More
Life without Scotland: What would it mean for the rest of the UK? -Read More
Financial turmoil hits Scotland over referendum -Read More
House sales at risk -Read More
Professors fear for education in Scotland -Read More
Referendum is not about getting revenge on the Tories, Cameron says -Read More
Why are mortgage lenders fretting about the vote? -Read More
Standard Life to transfer jobs and business to England under a Yes vote -Read More
Losing the Union Jack could cost brand Britain -Read More
Bookies are betting against Scottish independence -Read More

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