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Daily Media Round-Up Sept 11th

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Daily Media Round Up Sept 10th‏ #indyref

Group of world’s leading banks warn Yes vote would be disastrous -Read More
BoE governor Mark Carney warns sharing the pound is incompatible with Scottish independence -Read More
Gordon Brown in heartfelt referendum speech debunking SNP’s NHS lies -Read More
Market reaction shows No campaign wasn’t bluffing -Read More


How safe will your bank be in an independent Scotland? -Read More
Brown’s Home rule scheme to claim victory for No campaign -Read More
Disaffected labour voters are the key to winning the vote now -Read More
Scottish split would hit UK growth warns investment group -Read More
Salmond reiterates – Independent Scotland won’t pay back debt, let them invade us! -Read More
UK leaders head north to save the Union -Read More
Darling’s devolution pledge -Read More
VIDEO – Cameron and Milliband unite to get Scots to say No -Read More
Breakaway Scotland would put defence jobs under threat warns Thales -Read More
Unionists deplore campaign’s lack of fire -Read More
The Kate conspiracy theorists gets a No from me -Read More
Sterling’s slide continues -Read More
Foreign investors desert UK over fears of Yes vote -Read More 


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