Daily Media Round Up August 8th

Daily Media Round Up August 10th

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Daily Media Round Up August 9th

Surge in No vote after Salmond debate flop -Read More

How Darling’s tactics skewered Salmond in debate -Read More

The Scotsman’s Brian Wilson: Show us the money Mr Salmond -Read More

Milliband: Working people carry the currency risk -Read More

Scottish separatists should have learned from Quebec -Read More

Tired debate performance leaves questions about Salmond -Read More

Scottish independence and sovereign wealth fund -Read More

All Salmond has to offer now is the same tired old bluster -Read More

Postal costs could rise after independence -Read More

Darling accuses Salmond of running out of arguments -Read More

Company bosses moving money out of Scotland -Read More

Scottish currency union ruled out in Labour manifesto -Read More

Scottish Independence: How businesses and their workers could be affected -Read More

Keeping pound without currency union would see banks relocate -Read More

Why Salmond’s plans to nationalise Royal Mail won’t work -Read More

‘English’ newspapers still sell 500,000 copies a day in Scotland -Read More

Scottish independence and the UK oil and gas industry -Read More

Scottish independence could leave country in currency limbo -Read More

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