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Daily Media Round Up August 8th

It’s Scotland’s pound and we’re keeping it, stomps Salmond -Read More

Banks warned on currency union -Read More

Despite falling reserves, oil takes centre stage in the independence debate -Read More

Doctors debate pros and cons of Scottish independence -Read More

US Congress resolution calls for unity -Read More

Business, Skills and Innovations Committee: The implications of Scottish independence on business, higher education and research, and postal services -Read More

Celebrities sign open letter urging Scots to stay in the Union -Read More

Secret oil fields! Skewed polls! Why the Yes camp might just be losing the plot… -Read More

No one’s buying Salmond’s claim about the pound -Read More

Entrepreneurs wary of speaking out -Read More

Currency row rumbles on -Read More

Pensions under Independence -Read More

Scottish referendum halts Infinis wind farms -Read More

I have completely changed my mind about independence -Read More

What’s making young voters change their minds? -Read More

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