Daily Media Round Up August 6th

Daily Media Round Up August 8th

August 7, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 1103 Round Up

Daily Media Round Up August 7th

Second debate date announced – Monday, Aug 25th -Read More

We are the underdogs now, Salmond admits -Read More

Stephen Glover: In 2003, Salmond told me Scotland would be independent in 20 years. After that debate I doubt it -Read More

No pound, no Euro – Salmond needs Plan C  -Read More

Salmond reiterates that he would ignore Scotland’s share of debt if he can’t keep the pound -Read More

A resounding ‘No’ – the UK’s financial industry verdict on Scottish independence -Read More

Salmond fights back after TV clash -Read More

Vote doubts harm property sales -Read More

Hard currency -Read More

Yes campaign admits it needs to change tactics  -Read More

Danny Alexander: Salmond closing his eyes on the pound -Read More

Alex Massie: Salmond took a beating and his supporters know it -Read More

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