Daily Media Round Up August 5th

Daily Media Round Up August 7th

August 6, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 1319 Round Up

Daily Media Round Up August 6th

Salmond loses first independence debate –Read More

Salmond takes a pounding over currency in debate -Read More

Salmond comes unstuck in debate -Read More

Salmond found himself in a strange land – under pressure -Read More

How an independence vote will affect your finances -Read More

Video highlights of the debate -Read More

First blood to the No campaign after debate -Read More

Darling: What’s your Plan B Mr Salmond? -Read More

Key points from the big debate -Read More

Yes camp deluding itself on currency union -Read More

Standard Life chief: Nationalists have not convinced me -Read More

Case for No: Breakaway will cost jobs -Read More

Yes vote for Scottish independence could create cultural divide -Read More

Labour voters will decide Scottish referendum -Read More

Independence optimism on EU no match for facts  -Read More

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