Daily Media Round Up August 29th

Daily Media Round Up August 31st

August 30, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 1232 Round Up

Daily Media Round Up August 30th

Oil tax cash slumped by 20% last year -Read More

Yes campaign accused of coordinating mobs to disrupt pro-UK events -Read More

Study shows big firms will leave Scotland if currency deal fails -Read More

Jim Murphy forced to cut pro-Union tour short by thugs -Read More

Scottish Asians could swing vote -Read More

Cameron dismisses claim that Euroscepticism fuels Yes vote -Read More

Why are anti-Union cybernats so aggressive online? -Read More

No campaign has classic advertising problem – how to turn a negative into a positive -Read More

Katie Hopkins lays into Michelle Mone over independence -Read More

Scotland minister tries to sway oil firms before independence vote -Read More

Business asks for signature to be withdrawn from pro-independence letter -Read More

VIDEO – how could oil be affected by independence? -Read More

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