Daily Media Round Up August 28th

Daily Media Round Up August 30th

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Daily Media Round Up August 29th

Scots soldiers denied a chance to vote -Read More
Intimidation and lies – what an ugly campaign -Read More
Cameron: Independence would increase cost of mortgages and hit savings -Read More
CBI chairman warns of enormous risk of Yes vote -Read More
Referendum votes for sale on eBay -Read More
Leaders hit the road to sway voters -Read More
Independence is one-way ticket to uncertainty with no point of return -Read More
MP hit by eggs on indy campaign trail -Read More
Scotland’s patriots can vote for the union -Read More
Debate has divided Scotland says Douglas Alexander -Read More
Oil and its economic significance in the referendum debate -Read More
No camp launches book to persuade vote to stay in the union -Read More
The Economist: Businesses on independence -Read More
Independence would hit the maritime sector -Read More
Scottish independence predicted to have negative impact on shipping and offshore maritime sector -Read More

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