Daily Media Round Up August 11th

Daily Media Round Up August 13th

August 13, 2014 Comments (0) Views: 1161 Round Up

Daily Media Round Up August 12th

Fresh blow for Salmond as 60% of voters reject independence over pound fears -Read More
Salmond’s economic plans based on no economic modelling -Read More
Independence debate triggers rise in Britishness north of Border -Read More
Huge voter turnout predicted -Read More
Clyde gets new £348million MoD contract -Read More
SNP losing independence battle, new survey shows -Read More
Alex Salmond on the ropes: Bookies give 4-1 odds he’s to stand down as FM -Read More
Gender gap widens in referendum vote -Read More
Independence could force up the cost of mortgages by £1,600 a year -Read More
Currency collapse could cost Scots £30billion -Read More


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