Daily Media Round Up 3rd September

Daily Media Round-Up Sept 5th

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Daily Media Round Up 4th September

Three new reports warn of austerity and spending cuts under independence -Read More

We need answers, not Salmond’s constant evasions -Read More

Salmond’s debt threat crippling for Scottish families -Read More

Homeowners will suffer if Scotland defaults on its debts -Read More

Why the No campaign needs more passion -Read More

Yes vote could cause Eurozone-style economic crash -Read More

Milliband tells Scots ‘No need to vote Yes, Labour will be in power next year!’ -Read More

Jim Murphy: Egged, heckled and called a traitor but I still believe we’re better together -Read More

Just two weeks left to save the union -Read More

Leading campaigners out in force -Read More

Retail investors watch and wait -Read More

Scottish independence vote a risk to businesses warns CBI -Read More

£2million of bets placed on independence vote -Read More

Lamont in pension warning –Read More

Canadian PM says Scottish independence not in global interest -Read More

Sterling falls due to Scottish independence uncertainty -Read More

Labour’s Curran: Independence campaigners guilty of misogynistic abuse -Read More

LibDems vow more devolution -Read More


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