Daily Media Round Up 2nd September

Daily Media Round Up 4th September

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Daily Media Round Up 3rd September

A Yes vote will damage more than just Scotland –Read More
What will it take to persuade Scots to say No –Read More
An independent Scotland could not keep the pound and join the EU says EU –Read More
Gordon Brown and John Reid to lead Labour fightback against nationalist surge –Read More
Jim Murphy: Top nationalist official turned off the mobs –Read More
Independent Scotland will NOT be able to join the EU if it is still using the pound, warns Brussels economy chief –Read More
Sterling falters as breakaway moves closer –Read More
Fear of bitter aftermath, no matter what the outcome –Read More
Scottish Yes vote could mean that Lloyds heads south –Read More
Alex Salmond’s voter registration claims disputed –Read More
Pound Sterling Sell-off Ahead of Scottish Independence Vote Mirrors Canadian Dollar And Quebec Sovereignty Movement –Read More
Scottish independence vote threatens seamless healthcare along the border –Read More
As the Scottish vote heats up, where are the referees? –Read More
Scots won’t be punished for a No vote says Alexander –Read More

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