Daily Media Round Up 1st September

Daily Media Round Up 3rd September

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Daily Media Round Up 2nd September

Referendum rivals focus on jobs –Read More
SNP draw up plans for the future amid fears union vote could break up the party –Read More
Referendum a test of common sense –Read More
Kezia Dugdale: Yespests just can’t accept that there are many people proudly but quietly voting No –Read More
Scotland poll puts union on a knife-edge –Read More
An independent Scotland would be an international outcast if it walked away from its debt –Read More
Scots should vote no for the love of their families –Read More
Referendum polls to get police guard –Read More
Medical research would be eroded by independence –Read More
Jim Murphy restarts his pro-union tour –Read More
Would Scottish independence compromise its museums and galleries –Read More
Jobs loss in engineering and technology under independence –Read More
The SNP will say anything to get votes, warns Curran –Read More

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