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The tactical way to vote against IndyRef 2

June 6, 2017 Comments (1) Views: 2205 Featured, Latest Research, News

Analysis for UK General Election 2017

As Chairman of The Scottish Research Society I am pleased to endorse this analysis of the Scottish constituencies, which allows the voting public to evaluate the candidates in each seat, as pro Unionist or otherwise, and to cast their ballot accordingly.

The work was commissioned by The Scottish Research Society on behalf of a Client, who feels the data will be of interest and value to the electorate.

As a political research organisation, with a solid track record, forged during our campaign in the Independence referendum in 2014, we continue to raise pertinent issues, and publish key facts and material across the spectrum, through our media outlets.”

Cameron Buchanan
Chairman -The Scottish Research Society


UK General Election 2017 Voter Analysis


  1. To quickly find your own constituency type the name into the table search box.

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  1. Ruth Shepley says:

    Remember to vote tomorrow!!!!!

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