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The Scottish Research Society

In the aftermath of the 2014 Independence Referendum, there was a distinct shift in the political landscape in Scotland, with the SNP becoming the largest political party, in Scotland, and holding all but three of the Scottish constituency seats at Westminster.

The left wing bias of government in Scotland, thus created, continues, as does the persistent determination to secure independence, despite the clear message in 2014, from the Scottish public.

With no real appetite for Separation among Scottish voters overall, the Election results of 2016 should have applied a gentle ‘tug’ on the SNP reins.

However, they continue to inflict their brand of socialism on the electorate, and to pursue any avenue of opportunity towards independence.

Government, as such, has been cast aside with inevitable consequences that affect all members of Scottish society…

Currency – Taxation and Fiscal responsibility – Oil industry regeneration – Health – Defence and Education…

Have all been exposed as failing sectors…

Now The Scottish Research Society has been re-engaged to identify, research, and publish material relevant to the above, and to do so as a non-aligned pro Union organisation.

The Scottish Research Society is the trading name of SRS Research Ltd, SC 565837
2 Kirkgate Pittenweem, Anstruther, Scotland, KY10 2LF

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