About The Scottish Research Society

The Scottish Research Society

The Scottish Research Society was formed on May 6th 2014, and campaigned successfully during The Referendum.

As a research society, The SRS gathered information and published articles and material that provided accurate commentary on social, economic and political issues, relevant to the independence debate.

Our leading publication, “Much cost, little benefit” was hailed as the only definitive exposure of the economic case against separation, and it continues to be read and commented upon today.

The SRS felt that September 18th 2014 was not an end in itself, but a stage in the evolving process of Scotland’s future and it’s government.

In the aftermath of the Referendum, there has been a distinct shift of authority in Scottish politics, with the SNP now the largest political party and the Scottish government maintaining a left wing bias, and a determination to secure independence. This they will do if there is no change in the political landscape in Scotland by 2016.

With Labour starting to rebuild, there is no centre party in Scotland capable of mounting a challenge to the left wing stranglehold at Holyrood.

To address this imbalance, The SRS is now drawing together all like minded forces to create an electable Centre party that will give those voters who wish to preserve the Union an option.


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